Small dogs, big ballers.

Send your pup to the kind of daycare he/she deserves.
Our small dog-only, open play facility has highly trained,
dog loving staff who give lots of pets.

Yes, our dog daycare really
is located on the gorgeous farm in the picture.

Open Play

We believe that dogs are meant to play when they want, and rest when they want. That's why we let them decide at all times. Whether they want to chill on mounds of pillows or jump on our custom jungle gym, we let them do their thing.

Pet CPR Trained Staff

All our employees are required to pass a pet CPR certification before they can work in our facility.

Lots of Love

The number one task on our staff's job description is petting the dogs. We know that the main reason you send your dog to a daycare is that he'll get attention all day long. That's our priority.

Small Dogs ONLY

We own small dogs, and we know the struggle of finding a place that is right for them. No more stressing that your VERY TOUGH Daschund will once again overestimate his size and fight with a 150 pounds Rottweiler.

Country Vacation

Dogs need fresh air, and sometimes it can be hard to find green places in the city. At Collar Ballers, your dog will get a massive farm to run around on, every day.


We want to make things easy for you. That's why we offer straightforward pricing, online payments to take out the confusion and give you more time for what matters.


Our pricing starts at $40/day, but we only sell passes in increments of 5, 10, and unlimited. 

Valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

The more you bring us your dog, the cheaper that rate gets!

Similarly, if you purchase a monthly recurring pass, the per day rate goes even lower! 

We do this for a very simple reason: We want to foster relationships with our clients, and become their dog’s second home.

5 Day Pass

5 visit pass (valid for 30 days)
$ 195
  • Custom agility equipment
  • Pet CPR trained staff
  • Open play sessions
  • Luxury bedding and accessories

10 Day Pass

10 visit pass (valid for 30 days)
$ 385
  • Custom agility equipment
  • Pet CPR trained staff
  • Open play sessions
  • Luxury bedding and accessories


Unlimited visits (valid for 30 days)
$ 799
  • All the perks from the pass packages
  • Pet CPR trained staff
  • Free gift at purchase
  • Custom & Personalized Locker
  • Discounted Add-Ons
  • And much much more…


All dogs must be at least 6 months of age to attend Collar Ballers, and have proper vaccination records.

We can feed, and give provided medication. Please fill out the required form explaining how/when your dog is fed and medicated.

We require all dogs attending Collar Ballers to be vaccinated for rabies and bordatella (kennel cough)

We are currently open Monday through Friday. Please let us know if you would like weekend daycare as we are constantly assessing the needs of our customers. 

Our license and insurance allows up to 25 dogs per day.

Yes! We have several distinct areas in the daycare for dogs of all temperaments. Whether you have a little ball of energy Frenchie or a shy, shaky Chihuahua, we have have a spot for them where they’ll be comfortable.

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